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Onward to 2011!

new, abundanceHi, been a bit crazy for me, how about you? Here we are, 1 day past Christmas and there continues to be an abundance of energy all around.
I have set myself on a delightful new path for a career/business beginning in 2011. For many, many years, I have studied much about the mind process and have always enjoyed finding inner wisdom resides deep within. …..this incredible power within and ways to tap into it. I have been a student for over 30 years….I also have been personally acquainted with several therapists/new thinkers and mystics through my life for a variety of self help. I have amazed myself at what I was able to bring forth as well as the synergy that comes into this relationship of me to myself and the person that is assisting me in catalyzing it. I always seemed to choose very creative types of therapy and classes I attended for years. So, more about this new path (but very ancient), as time rolls forward. I have always wanted to help others find their dream(s) and to tap into their inner wisdom/power which can be difficult but NEVER impossible. However, it is what we believe that propels us towards what our picture is. This is so often the first step….what is our vision? I think of it an as inner feng-shui. A type of inner alchemy. Please stay tuned as my path unfolds. What is calling to you? I would enjoy your sharing with me.
HHappy New year cometh!

My personal writing is not flaming yet as there has been much to do lately and I am taking baby steps….very little baby steps but going towards my wisdom, vision…..More later as I hear the front door bell ringing …….HAPPY help, others, HOLIDAYS WHEREVER YOU ARE AND HOWEVER YOU CELEBRATE!!!!

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