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Launch time is counting

Well, currently I am in a class to become certified in one of my many life interests, hypnosis. Yes, the mind does control everything. Now, with this certification under “my belt,” and a few other related fields I also choose to become qualified in, I will be able to help others as a professional and also further/broaden my own personal areas of growth.
My Web site will be: and is currently under “construction.” I have chosen the name Inner Harvest as my business identity with the assistance of a good friend who is herself a professional coach and entrepreneur.
Nine months ago, I read a very inspiring book by authoress and speaker: Tama J. Kieves. Through her organization I found a creative coach that is closer geographically. She is vey remarkable, wonderful woman who is also very easy to co-create with. She absolutely catalyzed me into seeing this change of life! The power and unlimited potential of the mind is one subject I have always loved to study and share;. I originally was looking to begin and enhance my creative side…writing, collages, photography. Ha…ah, the wonders of the mind and intuitive side! I too was able to enhance but with an added benefit of a new profession!
I am becoming poised to apply my talents and experience in ways I only recently will be bringing to the forefront of my new professional life. Being able to relax people into a deeply relaxed state, deep enough to guide them towards creating new behaviors or enhancing some areas of their life, well, this is my joy. I will be happily involving myself also in the birthing of babies as I look forward to studying this in depth with a certified HypnoBirthing® expert.
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT®) is an energetic way to quickly and successfully work with acupoints while tapping and working on a problem to alleviate it. This was a discovery by Gary Craig, recently retired, and his following the early reports and study of Dr. Roger Callahan and many others. There is much alliance between this and Nero Linguistic Programming (NLP®). NLP is a beautiful compliment for all the above and any of these techniques can be used alone or as a combination to guide and support an individual on all levels. We are all very unique and what works for one person may not work for another. This fact is important to me as a practitioner and my reason for having some very successful tools in my satchel. More on these areas later as I become more grounded in more knowledge.

Welcome to a new, refreshing me. I owe thanks to many people helping me to create my new image and business life. Many new photographs have been taken capturing my newness and growth of enthusiasm. The photos were taken by a very talented professional woman. Still to come business cards et al. I could not have done anything up to this point without these folks. Very exciting and it seems to just flow very naturally. Right path for me? Yes, I do believe! All these individuals will be mentioned on my site as they are also in business and are part of my “team.” The web site will be up at sometime in May and will grow as I do and I feel rather quickly….
I feel I am blossoming more and more into the person I am meant to be. This is my time to stretch and is also the time for so many others to stretch as well. I would love to be part of guiding others towards a fuller, healthier Inner Harvest. I like to remember what someone once told me that “the more fertilizer that goes into your garden, the more beautiful it becomes!” Regardless of age or circumstances, potential is within all of us. Boldly or slowly moving forward, it doesn’t matter…just to moving is productive…sideways, one step backward and then the forward motion in steps or leaps is what I believe what we are here for! I dream of writing a novel or some short stories, using water colors, traveling more around the planet. All in time and not feeling like I have to but that I just enjoy it and want to when the time is ripe. Our destiny is ours to choose and create. Let’s take action and begin. I hope to be part of your garden of life…Your Inner Harvest.

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  1. Hi, Kas: Great…sooooo proud of you..This is you and you will be great in whatever venture you undertake …I am so sorry that we could not complete our project but the loss of my “Kimmy” was too much for me to take…I love you dearly and wish you the best …I need to chat with you privately so when you have a chance please call me…It may be important…Dolly

  2. Your lush energy, excitement and deeply genuine intention to serve are palpable in this post! Thank you for stepping into your loving vision and doing your beautiful work in the world.

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