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Ready and Open For Business!

Ready and open for business

I want to thank all of the wonderful people that have supported me through my classes and up to this point of becoming certified as a Consulting Hypnotist!  I am currently continuing to add more life guiding techniques to my satchel of tools.   Thank you all for your encouragement and trusting me with yourselves to volunteer your precious time so I could continue to develop my new business and techniques.

As you can see, the web site is up and I am so happy with the creative and in-depth work it took.  I also am so pleased with the pictures and logo…all the graphics.  My deepest gratitude to my “team!” It will be an on-going marriage of ideas and work as I plan to really build and focus in on my niches and then more expansion.  So, please be a part of this birthing and expansion with me.  I couldn’t and can’t do it without you!

I have short term and long term plans.  All of which I will gladly share with you but I am wise enough to know that as my path continues with my new work, the plans will change and reshape as new ideas are formed.

It has always been my plan to be the guide my clients needed to reach their greatest dreams (which come in many forms), but also, to teach everyone to do their own self-hypnosis, tapping (see my website for more information), imagery…whatever modality we use in the course of our time together.  I want to empower the individual with knowledge.  We are all unique and the way we learn, hear and respond to issues/behavioral changes/fears can be so very different.

I plan to be doing a lot of speaking and eventually create workshops for groups of all types.  If you have any ideas for me as well as a company, a shop, an organization or just a group of friends that are like-minded…..please let me know.  I am very open to creating custom topics for you or someone else!  

I look forward to any comments you would like to share!  I also would like for you to give me a call if you feel there are areas of concern that need attention for yourself.  I will always suggest an initial free consultation.  That will allow me and you the time to discuss many areas.  It will also give me a clear idea of how many sessions and the level of time that may be involved.

I would love for you to click the link to my web site in the future so you can see it and any upcoming news or classes that may be offered.  These of course I will always let you know of any way but, it is a very user friendly site and as time moves forward, I have ideas of other “pages.”

If you do decide to click on the link in the future, just then simply click on the blog page.  Please share your thoughts with me on just clicking instead of receiving the whole blog by e-mail.  This important to me!   I would like my web site to be a source of information as well.  Perhaps later an E-Zine quarterly filled with interesting news about the mind and health relating to my fields of interest and business world. 

I have been asked early on by friends and former colleagues if I would also be a virtual office.  Yes, I will be open to Skype, Gmail voice/video and any others that may be out there.  I have researched this and have found that many successful hypnotists have used this way for quite a long time.  My current office locations at this point are in Wayne at the Center of Success, and in Phoenixville.  I am looking into other locations for it to be easier for people to get to as well.  Time will tell.

Please share with me your comments and thoughts about anything.  I am always very interested!

Warmest wishes,



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