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Seasonal Changes afoot!

This magnificent time of year cometh…

 As the autumn slowly draws nearer, I am reminded how I love the colors, energy and bittersweet feelings of watching the process of deep sleep take over.  But in that wonder of itself I am also reminded of what I know , that the leaves create a blanket for the plants and seeds to continue their life for the next season.  The leaves give of themselves willingly to protect and nourish.  They also are a great deal of fun in areas where there are children that jump in the piles laughing and squealing! As I grew up all over the New England/Long Island area, at this time of year we burned the leaves and it smelled so good. Seeing the white smoke climb and swirl high on sunny or cloudy days with the hickory fragrances touched something wonderful inside of me.  Some people had gatherings with food and friends to celebrate the autumn equinox. 

Life in all Her magnificence should be recognized.  People are like that too.  We are nature in another form (a bit more complex), and go through the changes, ups and downs of our lives.  How do we see it all?  There can’t be any sun without shade or growth without challenges.  Some are more intense than others but, I believe that if we trust in the Process of Life and Pay Attention to where our Attention is focused, well, it works pretty well. 

We are all very powerful beings.   There can be a calming time, a turbulent time, rain, earthquakes, snow and sunshine.  If we can develop some type of understanding, to embrace the idea that change and right thinking do go hand in hand.   That this natural power we possess can be called on and utilized to get us feeling connected to our life and what it is and where we want to go with our life.

 It is always a choice and a choice we should take seriously.  We are capable of creating our world, our symphony of life.  How can we realize or know when we reach the top of the mountain or our goal(s) until we pay attention.  The little steps are so important. I like to remember, when I am in the valley that is the time to plant my seeds of inspiration or goals…that is where the soil is most fertile. If you are in a confusing or difficult time,  be patient…get support from whatever source or sources you feel is right for you…the time will pass and grow to magnificence if you allow it. 

It appears to me once again that when I am on the right track that the most amazing things happen.  Meeting people, seeing things as I go through my day, reading something in a passing magazine.  Do you feel that also at times?    

I have also begun my expanded practice of HypnoCoaching.  At the best of times, life transitions can be difficult in many ways.  Not knowing where we are going in life, work, relationships and so many other questions about life can come up.  These times of transition can become easier and clearer with the right kind of support.  My phone is always available for questions and answers!

I am being wonderfully entertained with a bevy of ideas for my new business which I know is also my unique journey/walk in life.  We all have a unique journey and the more we become aware of these individual gifts/talents, then the law of synchronicity really starts to kick in!  Stay tuned.

I now am really going forward with Facebook and LinkedIn to let people know Inner Harvest is alive and well!  I have a wonderful person on my team that is quite excellent at knowing how to set these ideas up and the technical know-how to do it!  There will be surveys, contests and other unique opportunities for you as well as me in building Inner Harvest Hypnosis.  I promise for those who may not be a computer whiz, it will all be easy and user friendly!

Several events have been posted that  I will be involved with over the next few months and next year.  .  PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK TO FACEBOOK AND ALSO LET ME KNOW IF YOU” LIKE” THE  UPDATES AND SPECIALS FROM INNER HARVEST.   (  The calendar will be added to in time and I will let you know.  Please feel free to always check out my growing website for any new information.

 I have also begun “Recommended Reads…”  This will allow you to see my picks in different genres and if it looks inviting, to just click on and it will take you to Amazon where you can find the best deal.

I am back from the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) Convention where I met other colleagues from all over the world.  I am still amazed at the depth and experience of the instructors and everyone I had the pleasure to spend time with!   Once again, I was quietly assured I was on my chosen path and with so much support and knowledge to reach out to.

A Few Newlines…

A report from the Better Health

July 2011

GRAPE EXPECTATIONS  …The secret to healthy living might be all in your head, suggest researchers from McGill University.  They instructed volunteers to boost their intake of fresh fruit over 7 days.   The twist on this is that ½ the participants also were told to visualize when and where they would eat the fruit.  In the end, people that had mentally rehearsed upped their fruit intake by 116%!

That is what the power of the mind is all about.  If the mind (subconscious) believes it….it is so! 


Surgeons tout hypnosis for some
She’s among a growing number of surgical patients at the Belgian hospital, Cliniques Universitaires St. Luc in Brussels, who choose hypnosis and a local anesthetic to avoid the groggy knockout effect of general anesthesia. These patients are sedated
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For some, hypnosis eases pain, recovery of surgery | Seattle News …
For some, hypnosis eases pain, recovery of surgery. Doctor Michel Mourad, left, preps as anesthesiologist Fabienne Roelarts, right, hypnotizes patient…/110727_Hypnosis_Surgery_2a.jpg


Have a lovely, fruitful season!


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