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Holiday Good Cheer

Holidays and good Cheer All Around


I am finding I so enjoy sharing my thoughts, my journey, both past and current with you. There have been several constructive comments about my blogs. One thing that I know to be true is that all of us enjoy reading and learning.  There are a lot of very good articles, blogs, ezines, podcasts, books, magazines and so forth that come to all of us all the time.  One comment that has come up is the length of my blogs.  So, I am going to shorten my blogs.  I too get so much to read that I enjoy but when the writers article/blog etc., are a bit shorter, it is a real pleasure. 

In the future, you will be able to read the beginning of my blog, and if you want to read more (though shorter), you can click on the link.  This is already available on Facebook.  Please continue to share your comments and suggestions as I continue to enjoy looking forward to writing and sharing with you.

As you see, my business is beginning to expand and grow in a variety of creative and potent ways.  I am so grateful to the people and organizations that are offering me time to continue spreading the word about hypnosis and its multitude of benefits….as well as the myths and un-truths.  I will have a greater chance to do some speaking about this on local TV next month! And possibly an interview with a local paper!  Again, so amazing to watch and be part of this synchronicity.  It continues to connect me with others of like mind.  I am beginning to see strong roots taking hold in my life and business and beginning to grow. 

In early December I have chosen to take a very unique and impressive course in hypnosis that is for weight reduction.  This is being taught by one of the long time masters of hypnotism.  He has developed a computerized system for analyzing the type of person and creating a personalized program for each.  This system took years to develop and I am very interested in being on this cutting edge.  From his many years of experience, he addresses the many deeper issues, roots and causes of weight gain.  This is a specialized area and it is something that many people have asked me about. Weight loss or reduction is one of the most challenging areas to address and I am looking forward to getting on board.  Of course, it begins with the person as it has been found that there are over thirty million variations. Now, there is a plan for everyone that wants to reduce, lose and get on with their lives.   I am ready and for those of you that have spoken to me about this….get ready!

The Great American Smoke out 2 day workshops are coming up.  Again, if you or someone you know is ready to be a non-smoker, this is the venue for it!  It is free and no RSVP.  Just show up and leave a non-smoker forever. Check out my website or call for any information.  I am so happy to be being hosted to give these workshops by the Phoenixville YMCA.  What a feeling to be there to assist people to begin a relationship with themselves further and to see their commitment at work.  We are very powerful, we human beings.  We just forget and some have forgotten.  I want to guide people who come to me to remember our strength.

Then my husband and I are taking off on our first river boat cruise for 10 days in Europe….More later and..



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