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Inner Harvest Latest Updates – June 2012


– Ernest Holmes

This seems to be a very abundant year for learning and finding new work, paths and dreams for many folks as well as myself.  A bit like being offered the chance to design a garden or create a meal of several courses.  No need to rush, just take it one step at a time and… attention. Express uniquely as your life.

As I sit here, it gives me pause to think over my life, my dreams and how it is all going. I think about what brings me joy, what sparks my creativity, what excites me about being alive.  Sometimes, a simple shift in my thinking makes all the difference.

I want to thank everyone reading this that is either a friend I see often or maybe not as often as I wish, perhaps has become a client, or someone that sends me good wishes and just reads my occasional blog and enjoys it.  Maybe something sparks within you from reading this or you pass something on to someone else….My business is growing and that opens the door and allows me to continue my dreams/goals with even  more purpose.

I have currently signed up for several more classes to deepen my knowledge and awareness of hypnotism and NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) and a bevy of other hypnotic techniques depending on the client and issue(s).  Because everyone is unique and quite different in how they hear, feel and grow. I love the fact that I am more and more able to “speak” your particular language and be your guide.  As someone said to me the other day…”You are my accessor.” Yes, I am and to me what that means is all the answers and intelligence is already within you.  Whatever your belief system is, I will acknowledge it and respect it always…….but it is a great time to em-power oneself by going to that deep inner place through a hypnotic relaxation or sometimes referred to as mindful meditation.  The difference with a hypnotist is that when you are that deeply relaxed, the hypnotist knows that sub-conscious mind is completely open to suggestion and in that, well, the changes, enhancements and guidance begins to take place with the right suggestions and the client doing some re-enforcement and repetition during the days that follow.  It is amazing and more and more research is being done about this and how hypnosis is a great compliment to the medical field both physical healing as well as working with the therapist.

One of the courses I will be studying is more about the inner mind and conflicts.  This is called Parts Therapy.  This is a certification acknowledged by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), of which I am a member.  Parts Therapy is also call Inner Conflict Resolution as it speaks with the conflicting part(s) off the inner mind that may be blocking the motivating part from giving up something; over-eating, smoking, certain physical problems as well as mental/emotional.  Oddly enough, the inner-mind thinks it is doing it for some type of protection.

The second certified course is in August and it is on Complimentary Medical Hypnosis. This is working more closely with medical doctors as well as therapists….

I thank you and everyone that has been so supportive to me and the steps I am taking in my profession. As actress Shirley MacLaine recently said in something I read “Limitations? Those are only what you think they are and nothing more.  Set your goals, go after them and don’t be afraid to experience a part of yourself you haven’t encountered before.”  Yes, Shirley, I agree! It is about getting to know ourselves and getting past certain blocks.  At times, it takes a guide or someone to access or “upgrade the software”.

I am also am enjoying working on a certification course for Children and Teenagers….a joy! What a grand age to learn specific tools to cope with life as well as create the life you want.

Take some time to contemplate and to be in the moment…..take a walk and notice the flowers and birds and the air.  Dare to dream!

The risks of not making changes are great.  We risk missing our lives.

– Gail Sher

Warmest wishes,

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  1. Hi there – enjoyed your blog today – good food for thought! Hope all’s well with you both – we’re good – heading to New Orleans next week for Sam’s Kiwanis Convention….Take Care

  2. You are my sunshine. Not original, but heartfelt nevertheless. I am continually enlightened and refreshed by your words and the talent that created them..Can an article or book be far behind?

  3. You put a smile on my face everytime I get your emails or read your blog. I am so very proud to be in your circle of friends Kas and enjoy vicariously your journey!

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