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March Quarterly

“Do you have the patience to wait
till your mud settles and the water is clear?
Can you remain unmoving
Till the right action arises by itself?”
-Tao Te Ching

Comes in like a Lion…..or out like a lamb?

The choice is ours and seems to me more than ever that we never really know what the weather will bring, how swiftly or intensely.

I wanted to share something I recently read that I found started my creative wheels turning: A learned scientist once proclaimed, “Astronomically speaking, man is but a tiny speck in the universe.” An equally learned colleague replied, “Astronomically speaking, man is the astronomer.” Yes, I do feel like that more and more as I grow through the years. Did you know that our bodies contain at least some trace of all ninety-two fundamental elements of the universe, which makes us filled with our own universe. Very much like the one we gaze at when we are able to remember there is one gorgeous, enchanting one that we are kin to… out there.

I would like to begin sharing occasionally some books or DVD’s that I feel strongly about… and pass it along. This quarterly includes 3 recommendations.

One is a brand new book on how the mind/body works. We know what and where the brain is but what and where is the actual mind located. If that sounds interesting, then this very user-friendly book will easily explain to anyone, how we go about thinking, feeling and creating (or not) our life. The name of the book is NLP The Essential Guide by Tom Dotz. It is fun and again, genuinely a pleasure!

The second is a DVD called The Living Matrix. This is an amazing compilation of doctors and research done all over the world. It will thrill you and I hope, educate you (it did me), in what human beings are capable of. It is a must to all of us that want to know more beyond the new advances made in prescription drugs; illnesses (all kinds); and how very powerful not only our mind is, but the seat of intelligence which is the heart! Very positive and fascinating DVD to watch.

The third is a gorgeous book Sweet Fruit from a Bitter Tree by Mark Andreas. It is a gorgeous book of 61 very short stories, that happened! This is a keeper for reading anytime. Compassionate ways out of extreme conflict. Unbelievable and so heartening. Turn off the news one night and step into the real world.

I know most of us are ready for the springtime, it is just around the corner. I personally have seen the robins on our lawn looking for their feast of plenty. Also spotted many crocuses just pushing up… just like life. There’s something magic in it. You shouldn’t force it, just pay attention and listen.

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