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A Time For Weeding

From my Chair to yours…

Always time for a little weeding…

“It is necessary that we release all thoughts-as well as things-that clutter up our lives.”

In this busy life of receiving information as fast as our fingers can move on the computer keys, what are we doing with all of it? Do we want or need it any longer or not and did we ever use the information? This is an exciting and abundant time we are all living in. Ask and you shall receive is really our reality.

What may be a good habit to develop is to really pay attention to all we are taking in mentally, emotionally and what are our plans for it all? Where is our attention most of the time?

Personally, I have found that in very little steps, over time, I now develop my inner garden with more care. I continue to weed when I feel stressed or distracted, realizing that I am holding too much stuff. One practice is to “see” my mind like a garden… where I plant new ideas and nurture the soil… my body and attitude. I keep track of annuals… more immediate ideas/thoughts/information I use quickly; perennials, that information I continue to grow and are always part of my landscape. I watch as the seasons of ideas, projects, new thoughts & ideas arrive. I make way for the new information as I weed out the old, and what I am no longer using or supporting me. In de-cluttering my inner garden, I am open to new thoughts, dreams, answers because I have made room for them. Physically, I am aware that my step is livelier and more confident.

Take a moment at this moment and close your eyes and see your garden or landscape. How would you like it to appear? Some people may see it more and more as a beautiful, well maintained place of beauty. Some people may easily envision a constant work in progress with wheel barrows and fertilizer. Planting, seeding and weeding (de-cluttering), all the time. Loving the feel of getting their hands in the soil daily. Others may have a crew that helps maintain this garden. Be creative! What works for one may not work for someone else. Have fun with the opportunity of creating the ideal conditions for your garden! Allow yourself the pleasure of opening up to clarity and your ideas. Expand your dreams and just… “make it so!”

Then, sit back, surrender and take a nice long breath. You now can plant your seeds of possibility and continue to weed the garden of your mind.

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