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November Quarterly 2013

Feeling lost and cranky at times?

“When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure
-Peter Marshall

“So much to do, not enough time,” or “What was that that I wanted to do the other day?” “Darn, didn’t write it down.” Do you sometimes feel or think that you’re always just behind in catching up? And what happened to living the good life? What happened to being able to just relax, take a walk, fix and enjoy a bubble bath or just daydream something that inspires you? Those pleasures are still there waiting, patiently.

During the holidays it seems that often times the pressures and stress become more pronounced.

The holidays are slowly rolling forward. Whether you get involved in the giving, feel the craziness of commercialism or just feel over-whelmed with the entire hubbub, this is all very natural. No, this isn’t about adding something more to your life to learn or UN-learn. This is about taking little, teeny steps to “be” and to slow down on the “doing.” Yes, we have to “do” to keep order and go to the grocery, fix the dinner, make the money. Or, set up the meeting with follow-ups and memorandums and… well, the list is always there with the impending holidays. It is generally always something.

What about adding a few delights? A few small, very small breaks during our days of “doing” so we can slowly recognize what it is like to focus on a few intentional breaths for 30 seconds? To watch the leaves that may be left, blow across the street or your lawn… 3 minutes? To write a wish list with the same enthusiasm as your wishes… to be grateful for what you have… 1-2 minutes. Even a few post-it notes to remind you to do the enjoyable things. Balance is a good idea on the swing set of life. Give one or some of these a chance to work into your life. You’ll be better for it. I promise. Just remember the sticky notes or iPhone alerts to remind you!

Small steps, one at a time can help slow it all down to a manageable pace.

Warmest wishes for fun and enjoy-ment!

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