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September Quarterly 2014

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.
Haruki Murakami

What is your opinion of this quote? Written by a real person who basically is saying to you, life brings pain but to suffer is up to you. OK, so, how NOT to suffer. There are so many types of pain. What kind of pain is he speaking about? Physical, mental or emotional pain?

It has been said that pain at any level can heal and your sense of well-being can be restored.
Ongoing emotional/mental suffering takes up space in your mind and keeps you from receiving more joy, more vitality, ideas and pleasure. There are reasons for holding on to this emotional/mental suffering. Imagine that you are visiting a friend that had some emotional/mental difficulties and trauma. As you visit this friend, their constant talking about what happened over and over again is like they are re-living the time(s) over and over again. In reality, they are. When most of us are in the depth of continual suffering, we are not allowing any current time and possibilities of joy, new pleasures or feelings to enter. The mind needs space to receive. It is a choice. It is always a choice. Perhaps the depth of pain needs to be dealt with in stages by a professional. Research has been followed for years about the suffering cleared by meditation, intentional breathing, prayer and spiritual treatment. Again, choices and decisions. Do your best to let it go. You are needed!

Hope you have had or still having some relaxing time this weekend.

PS If you use a Smartphone, I have found an App that someone recommended to me for alerts. Yes, at times, I need to be reminded to take a moment and breathe. If you are interested, the App is called Mindfulness Bell. You can set up the times that would work for you. Lovely sound.

Warmest wishes,

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