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February Quarterly 2015

The starting point for improvement is to recognize the need.
– Masaaki Imai

Kas SobeyToday, as I write this, it is snowy, rainy and gloomy. It is also a time I choose to go inward without the allure and beckoning of a bright, sunny sky. Light and shadow. Always the choices…

I love to walk in the snow. I am fortunate to live near Valley Forge Park in PA. There are also several walking trails near me. In the fresh snow, there is often very few of us that brave the cold to walk the non-existent paths. Deer are often around, watching the interesting 2 legged ones giggling, falling, and sliding down hills on sleighs. My inner child is happy in-deed!

I look forward to this New Year with belief that it is going to bring me anything I want. Anything I focus on. I believe that to make any changes in my life, it can be accomplished by little, incremental steps. To move forward sometimes seems as though I am not moving at all. I am always in movement. I know that for something to be taking place, I may not always see it occurring. There is much that goes on inside before “showing up.”

I plan to make some changes in my life and business this year. For me, they are intertwined. I have some ideas on that and some are still unknown yet. That is ok with me. I love to watch the unfoldment. I trust it and this has worked for me so far.

There has been a bevy of challenges and gifts in my life already in the New Year. It is off to an energetic, engaging beginning. I am up to it, most times without a lot of effort. Other times, I take several, deep relaxing breaths, often. I find, for myself, that if I take one thing at a time and see it from another perspective it helps me see the whole picture, all sides more easily. I then take small steps towards finding a solution. With small steps to implement and many corrections along the way, a clearer picture starts to sharpen on my inner screen.
I wish you a hearty, focused new year. Maybe we will catch with each other somewhere in a pause!

Much love,

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