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April Quarterly 2015

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.
– Shakespeare

Catching the vision for our lives, or even the day, can propel us forward.

Stop gaps that I have noticed lately are;

  • Too much too often,
  • Forgetting what brings joy and lightness to my spirit,
  • Feeling anxious about what I am supposed to be doing and how good I am?

Throw in, what the outcome should be, and life is no fun, and relaxation is a nice thought for some time when I have the time.
We all get wound up over the day-to-day things that seem to accentuate the negative and decrease the positive.
We all have the capability and potential to take charge and get back to creating the life we want and allowing things to proceed at their own pace to get there. Let’s ease back on the making it happen.

When I realize that I have stumbled into this erratic, stressful storm, I take a moment to remember the things that I can do to get grounded and balance out. Not to mention feel so much better and fills my spirit.

  • I go back to repeating a specific suggestion while my conscious mind is still asleep. Right after I stretch my body slowly. This is the time my inner conscious is really paying attention
  • I take my 15-30 minutes in the morning to relax in the ways that work for me.

  • I read some portion of a book that I am enjoying….spiritual, self-help, fiction…but it is my time.
  • I write a bit in a journal, which is fun because I never know what is going to come through my fingers…pen or keyboard. I just write without my critic.
  • I close my eyes and practice getting in touch with my own breathing rhythm. Maybe all of 30-60 seconds.
  • I remember what brings joy to my own, individual spirit:
  • I plan a break for lunch…and….plan a walk in nature. She really is all around us.
  • I love to create meals and cook. I plan an enjoyable meal for sometime during the week.
  • I like to travel, by car, by riverboat, by foot; by plane,…..I plan a get-a-way for sometime in the near future that fits with my time and money. May need to change the time but I do not cancel the “trip.”
  • I stay in touch with friends that support me and I want to support.
  • I pay attention to what fills me up with good energy and what depletes it.
  • What fills your spirit?

    Much love,

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