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July Quarterly 2015

Progress, not perfection.
– Mark Twain

If we hope for what we cannot see, we wait for it with patience.
– Romans 8:25

I would also add to this thought as to the quote above… in little steps. When I have an idea in mind of something I want to begin or take to the next level, I can only see my progress if I take little steps. If I want to begin going more often to the park, or, eating smaller portions or re-designing my home, I do it with an intention, then some post it notes, then deciding on a time of day I will devote to visualizing it in my mind’s eye. This is my way that seems to work best for me. I have practiced this over and over so that I have a blueprint of how I go about something I would enjoy or need to do.

When I was very young and began to realize I had some work to do on myself, I, with the guidance of mentors, set up a structure to train me to grow up. That structure worked very well for a long time. Then, it did not. I knew enough by then to let go of the structure and begin to ease into broader boundaries. That was a long time ago and looking back, I see where what works for a while is not necessarily, what will work forever.

What are your boundaries? How do you begin to grow your dream, goal or intention? Whatever it is or is beginning to be, be kind, patient and supportive of yourself. Rewards are good as well as forgiving yourself.

The human part of life did not come with a handbook and it is a systematic journey for most of us. Sharing with the right people/groups can be a powerful connection. Be wise whom you choose to share with during a process. That too can be a tough learning experience. Your happiness is calling you and it can be an awesome time just to feel that!

Much love,

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