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September Quarterly 2015

Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony.
-Thomas Merton

It feels like autumn is really arriving. It makes me feel good and happy.

I have always looked forward to the fall and the golds and reds. Just a kaleidoscope of color and energy.

For me, it is a time of cleaning my house. Both my interior self and the home I live in.

I am refreshed in mind, spirit and, soul. My steps have an extra bounce in them. I notice the smells more keenly and memories of marshmallows and burned hot dogs. This brings about ideas that seem ready to give birth as other things tuck away.

I clear space for new in-coming thoughts, a new plan, a sweater not yet worn, and, maybe a new color on a wall and so much more. Letting go of what no longer serves me and growing what does.

It is a time that feels crisp and as I watch the leaves blow gracefully in the wind, I too will allow my clutter, my over-abundance to also blow away.

I do my letting go a little at a time.

I cannot remember how many times I have been spontaneous and found that I had been too quick and have severed something that needed more time to take shape.

Letting go can be a mix of ease and joy and of fear and overwhelming.

I say words, phrases or a prayer that work for me. Then I can find the solution(s) to anything that needs to be addressed.”Be still and know I am with you always.”
The times we live in are challenging.

I look often at the growing unity of people, groups and even companies.

I like to believe that our planet is getting more into cleaning house. In many ways, this makes sense to me. Of course, to realize all the wondrous good that is going on around us, you have to search it out. Seems like so much of the good is kept hidden.

There is another truth out there. This truth does not produce fear but power.
I search and find.
Feels good to know there is more than is on the news (turn it off)!
Focus on what you want as this a potent time for what we are focusing on.

Have a wonderful autumn and please share any thoughts with me!

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