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December Quarterly 2015

What is creative living? Any life that is driven more by curiosity than fear.
-Elizabeth Gilbert

December quarterlySeveral months ago, I read a blog by one of my teachers. She had this quote from Elizabeth Gilbert. I have since listened to Elizabeths’new book; Big Magic. I enjoy hearing certain books like this by way of audio, and wanted to share this very truth with you.

I have been busy with everyday life and home and hearth, my business and a part time job that I enjoy. The part time job has grown during these holiday times to be very demanding. Yes, this too will slow down.

I find that in looking at all the things and areas I am usually creative in are at a pause in my life. However, what I am finding and learning more and more every day is that creativity is always working through us in some way. It comes to visit and at times, some long, it gathers momentum in rest periods. Right now, I am cooking up dishes I had not planned on cooking. I am enjoying this immensely as I love to cook. However, the ideas come quite quickly while shopping or looking at pictures/recipes. I become, as an artist must feel as I gather my ingredients and watch it come together.

Sharing this with a friend, she told me that during moments of rest from her regular creative outlets, she gardens more than is natural for her. It is her belief that the flow of life, of creativity is a curious thing and feeds on the doing. I agree with her.

How are your days of these holiday seasons moving along? Whichever way you celebrate (or not), are you taking the time to relish those moments of curiosity? What sparks your unique creativeness?

I hope all is well and please take time for you.

Much love,

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