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July Quarterly 2016

“If you think you can or you can’t – you’re right.”
– Henry Ford

I was very inspired by something I read in a new magazine. The editor, Antonia Case wrote a wonderfully, potent piece on our inner chatting mind.

It set in motion thoughts and beliefs that I have held for a long time on the quality my thoughts.
Ms. Case refers to her conscious mind as “she.” I like that and will borrow it from her for the rest of my article.

Giving my chattering mind a personality is a good idea as it makes it more like a friend. Someone I will listen to instead of shoving her off to the side or ignoring what she is saying. It is the quality of the thoughts that drive our emotions and behavior.

Knowing this has given me a reason to hear her. Is she thinking healthy productive and inspiring thoughts or, does she worry and/or criticize too often?

She comes with me everywhere. Am I trying to tune out my thoughts with an audible book too often or going to email, Facebook, Instagram? Take your pick. I am guilty of moving forward at times without even saying good morning to her. My constant companion. Does she get upset when she is ignored? Does she turn off the fluid, creative ideas that are just waiting to be given to me? Maybe that is why she chatters!

This is an interesting question. She is so much a part of me, Maybe she would cooperate more if I worked in partnership with her. Maybe she would quiet down when I needed her to if I respected and honored her.
How is your relationship with her?

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  1. Beautifully done Sis. I like the idea on giving my conscious mind a personality. You loving Brother, Brock

  2. Very thought-provoking, Kas! I think of my inner voice mostly as an annoyance, something that should be tuned out. I call her monkey mind and think of her as a worried and worrisome old lady or an over protective father figure. And yet, I am very aware of how powerful she is and what an integral part of the whole me! When we are in sync, my world flows – I engage productively in positive activities, whether they are enjoying a friend, painting a picture or marketing a piece of real estate. I have more creative, enjoyable and peaceful moments when we work together. I am going to take your advice and honor her more, starting now! Thank you for shining brightly! Heartfelt wishes to you for a joyous day!

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