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December Quarterly 2017

“Your focus determines your reality.”
– Qui-Gon Jinn

Hello, and happy holidays in whatever way you celebrate,

Here we are as a New Year approaches. I will share with you some personal feelings of what I perceive is happening lately.
What I can tell you for me is; that I have a very strong, powerful center within me that believes what is occurring on our planet will turn out to be of a great, loving change. I focus on this, a lot.
I look at what is taking place now with a positive attitude. Tough going and, I believe times may get more difficult. Yet, I am certain all will turn out for all good and for plenty.
The coming New Year for me is filling up with baskets of hope, jewels and sparkling gems of goodwill, and colorful, delicious dreams towards a new approach of thinking. I call it heart –wisdom on a more universal level. I believe this.
In the New Year, I will be closer to realizing what I know and stand for. I am not alone in this thinking.
As I continue to “air out my mind,” I let go of old habits and ways that no longer support the person I am still becoming.
I will stretch to reach more of my potential and cooperation with my life force.
I will do my best to stay focused on this every day. I wish you joyous days of holidays and a very, happy New Year. May all your dreams come true!

Much Love,

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