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In the Zone with SoulCollage®

“Once I dreamt I was a butterfly. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man.”
– Chuang-tzu

The Path (Council) by Kas Sobey
I Am One Who will always be your guide on your path. You will meet many people on the road. Gifts will be given to you and you will give as well. Be aware of the magic you have around and within you. I am one of the guardians on your path. Look and you will find me everywhere around you on the path.

Years ago while searching a website, I came across the term “SoulCollage®,” and my curiosity kicked in. This is the very first card I made:

After a few visits to a SoulCollage® group facilitated by the wonderful Susan Richards, reading Seena Frost’s book SoulCollage® Evolving, making some cards and consulting them — having them speak to me — I knew SoulCollage® was weaving itself into my soul. I was trained as a Facilitator in 2013.

I am a child of the 1960s and 1970s. I grew up in the era of consciousness-expanding drugs, far-reaching ideas, and the peace movement — definitely ways of experiencing altered states of consciousness early in life. Mix in some Motown and Latino and growing up in the Big Apple — with delightful (and crazy) children for parents — and the lessons could be tricky. To understand how the mind works and the uniqueness of people became my very conscious desire, and I still walk this path. I often refer to my life’s journey as a concert, as my dance in a creative life that continues to unfold.

I have a very curious mind, which sometimes gets me into places I wish I had never gone. Later, upon reflection, I realize that these experiences were an important aspect of my inner work.

Through many doors and pathways, I found a passion and desire to assist and guide others toward their own inner power. Each of us is our own administrator for dreams, goals, and miracles. The power within each of us is enormous.

The Concert (Committee) by Kas Sobey
I Am One Who is drawn into the symphony of my life. As I allow myself to feel the rhythm of my creative life, I open up more to what is joining me in concert. I move towards where it calls me, excited and curious to see where it leads me.

I have great respect for what I call the inner-conscious mind (often called the unconscious mind). It is the major driving force behind our beliefs and how we manifest our life. I enter this realm more easily and quickly when I enter the “zone.” I always enjoyed making collages, vision boards, and themed collage books. I savor the messy, meditative juiciness of any kind of creative process, especially when it is seeking more of me. To create is being in the zone. It is a symphony of the senses!

The process of collaging cards is one way in which SoulCollage® reveals more of who I am from the deeper knowing that lies inside me. When I consult my cards, even more knowledge from my inner-conscious depths rises to the surface.

For instance, I once asked my cards this question: “What can you tell me about my professional life and new direction?” Since I was away from my deck, I chose four cards from my SoulCollage® app, at random, so that my conscious mind would not be choosing cards IT thought would be helpful, but would be leaving it to the inner-conscious to surprise me. I knew, as always, that the right four cards would arrive with some “meaningful coincidences,” as C.G. Jung called synchronicities.

These are two of the four that really spoke to me:

Run to the Labyrinth (Council Suit) by Kas Sobey
I Am One Who runs to the labyrinth when I seek answers.
Walking, running or quieting my mind to go within the labyrinth of my mind holds the answers.
I am like a child in the newness of finding what I am seeking. Wherever this process takes me is my labyrinth of uncomplicated and easy receptivity. Answers just for me.
In answer to my question, the card seemed to say, Remember to use your inner labyrinth to dialogue the questions and listen to what answers and ideas come forth. The answers are always within you.
The Doubter (Committee Suit) by Kas Sobey
I Am One Who doubts you can reach your dreams, these goals you strive to attain and weave into your personal and professional life. I ask you, how much more energy do you have for this next expanding path? I am a very good partner for you when you are searching. I will cut the excess and lean your ideas down to the bone so there is not such a heavy load to carry in the beginning.
Allow it to grow naturally. As you rethink/plan and begin to embellish, I will be there for you to think out the next step each step of the way. I will support you by being devil’s advocate. This will fortify you in the short and long term.
In answer to my question, the card seemed to say, Go for It! I will be there when needed to keep it lean until it grows full and dimensions are added, slow but sure.

Consulting these cards helped a lot — by reminding me of the labyrinth as a source of wisdom that I look forward to incorporating into my workshops; by endorsing my growing intention to work/play more with the young; and by letting me know how helpful it can be to pay attention to why and when my Doubter part shows up!

Through SoulCollage®, new doors have opened for deeper friendships with others. Sometimes this corresponds with the appearance of someone or something new in my Community Suit. (This suit in a SoulCollage® deck includes individuals who are important in my life).

The Futurist (Committee/Council) by Kas Sobey
I Am One Who creates my world. I look into the future and see how I want it to be. I become aware and tuned in to what sounds, colors and circumstances I choose to have happen. I explore what I need to do to get there. I am the creator of my existence. I look forward with vision and trust.

I also continue to grow and learn to cooperate with all my own parts, light and shadow, as I grow my larger life. At times, my animal Companions have changed (the cards in this suit of the SoulCollage® deck represent life-saving and life-enhancing instinctual energies). Many cards have been retired or changed suits. They can be re-born with new images added that called to me while I was relaxed after a guided visualization, in an “altered state of consciousness.” It is then that I am further open to Universal Mind/ Source co-creating with me.

I feel very blessed with the monthly SoulCollage® groups that I have facilitated for several years. I love to feel I am holding space for whoever shows up. They are full of new ideas, learning, collaborating and always exploring. I look forward to this year.

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