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Musings: Memorial Day Musings

I took a walk today, I usually do as I live close to several parks.
Walking in nature fills me with many inspiring ideas, problem solving and, a sense of calm.
One of my beloved walks is in Valley Forge Park
It felt different today.
More precious, softer as I walked, strolled, jogged by others.
Families, people, like myself, by ourselves. Dog walkers and one person in a wheelchair with her friend.
Something different in the way we passed each other.
Eye contact was different and fewer apart than it normally is. The folks I passed seemed to be more thoughtful, serious minded but a ready smile if they caught my eye.
A reverence, a gentler energy almost embracing me, others…perhaps the whole park area Maybe even our entire country today. Possibly I am just feeling particularly grateful to my freedom on this special day which is set aside to remember those who have fought, so I can be at liberty. Thank you with my heart.
I stopped in The Washington Memorial church before heading back to my car. A lovely, chapel. A small place of quiet prayer, or whatever one needs it to be. Stained glass windows…feels older, historic, cozy and intimate as some churches or places of worship can be.
Two families were in there. One young child whispering and excited, talkative. “Shh,” the father whispered. “Be quiet now,” and the boy was.
I felt moved sharing this space with them.
Too often, I travel through my life planning, studying something new. I forget this deeper feeling of connection. Today was a very good day for me to remember this.

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  1. Resonate with Memorial Day piece…attended our town ceremony and prayed – thanking all those who have gone to war…many blessings to those who are currently

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