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Musings: Coming of Age

I am just realizing;
I want to dance in the moonlight being held by strong, loving arms.
I want to move in rhythm with someone’s body a heartbeat away from mine.
You won’t be there.
I want to travel to ancient lands, to unimaginable places I have never seen.
Into my imagination with you, but,
You won’t be there.
You never have been, for longer than an exquisite, empty moment.
I want to laugh and cook and share the joys and heartaches of my day with you. I want to hear about your day, with no judgement, with only insight and caring.
What happened to us?
Did I grow beyond the blaming and dis-respect so hidden in your moods?
Yes, I believe I did and still am. Love is many things and I know it is growing deeper within the jewelled caverns of my awareness. My developing Inner wisdom.
Yes, I like compassion and all that “weird stuff.”
What feels even more odd is of all the bridges being created by nations, by states, towns and most of all; people.
That our bridge will not be built because our type of bridge is a different engineering.
I want, I need to dance in the moonlight, you do not. At least, not with me, or the whole of me,
who I am coming to love more each day.
Thank you for helping me reach this place, in the only way you could

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