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July Quarterly 2018

From my chair to yours.

“When days give you rainy days, wear cute boots and jump in the puddles.”
– Author unknown

I remember Spring as a time of pink and white flowering trees. There was always the buzz of a lawn mower going somewhere around my grandmother’s neighborhood. And the smell of freshly cut grass before the days we thought so much about pollen.

The many problems that Mother Nature would create for us, or. we would create for her using chemicals so blatantly so many years ago to kill and suppress natural insects that had been around long before us. Has everything that is out of balance begun to accelerate?

I remember lazy days at the beach with sandy sandwiches. Just cool enough with a spring breeze that we still had to cover up with the blankets we brought. Still cool enough to get rosy cheeked from the sun but not burned as the deep, hard heat of summer. Spring created a feeling of happiness and joy. When I was young, and back home in NYC, I would walk with my mom in Riverside park. It was by the Hudson River and was filled with Dogwood trees. Walking along the boulevard that curved along the river, being underneath the trees was like entering some sort of heaven, someplace soft and gentle. The flowers would float down on top of my head and, well this is one thing I will always remember about springtime.
I found a place in my walk yesterday in Valley Forge. It was a place I walk often. One of my trails. Only thus time I became aware of the birds singing from the forest right on the other side of the trail. It was so peaceful. There was a bird sanctuary I used to visit in San Diego when I lived there.
I would visit on a Sunday for a few hours. Bring a sandwich, even binoculars at that time. I was acutely aware that after leaving, I felt like I was in a “state of grace,” for a solid week. Nothing would ruffle my feathers or my mood of softness.

I think I will go back to that trail in Valley Forage more often.

I need to find that peace that comes from the birds singing their sweet songs.

Seems to rain so much more consistently during Spring. The flowers are here and gone before we know it. The birds remain. I enjoy remembering those earlier, softer days. Trees filled with beautiful, fluffy, soft flowers. An array of bounty to float down from the heavens above.

Things change, and they will change again! This is the nature of everything. As I look around and smell the rain, hear the birds and feel I am in my umbrella “cave,” I too feel I am changing.

Much Love,

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