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Musings: Arriving

Who am I to wonder about this inner knowing?
Who am I to believe her to be someone that answers with such love, wisdom and support?
At the very times when I need spoken answers she does speak to me. But, in ways that
have me search my inner self in corners buried with dust and cobwebs. I had put away this truth and wisdom for a time of later understanding. Well, it is the time!
Who is this vibrant, powerful warrior queen that seeks nothing but to share the ancient feminine with me?
“I am right here with you, writing, putting heart into you. This spirit is yours, you and I are becoming more and more each day, every night while you sleep, I am you becoming.”
Ancient is everlasting truth that has always been.
Every day is a turning point towards what you are here to give of yourself.
In the giving is receiving.
Keep going. Can you see the door up ahead? Feel the wind of life as she pushes you towards the door?
I am waiting to welcome you home.

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