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Tucker Wisdom

For those of us that have pets, I have watched our cat Tucker this morning, longer than usual, atop my bed.
He was in a regal pose.
Does he dream of a long-ago memory when he was king of the jungle?
Does he wander to places of his past when he sat by the ancient throne of a Far-Away land.
Where he was not only cherished, but revered?
Sometimes I wonder when I speak with him of his past friend Sophie, does the name bring a feeling?
A memory?
Yes, they do have souls. I am sure of this.
Personalities as different from one another as humans. So, do they live again to feel the stirrings of the veil that divides the here and the hereafter?
I love you my Tucker and when your days of sharing with me are over, will we spend another time together? With Sophie and my other pets that had a special connection?
“Oh, not to bother yourself with,” Tucker seems to say as he looks directly into my inquisitive eyes, “Of course! Could there be any other way?”

Says the wisdom of Tucker.

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