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October Quarterly 2018

From my chair to yours.

“Be natural at heart and new in mind.”
– Amit Kalantri

As usual, there is a lot going on in our country and the world.
Everything may seem turned up lately. And, I believe it is.
The weather folks have completely gone sensationalized, again and the news reporters are producing more of a reaction rather that responses. It is any channel you turn to.
Regardless of your opinion of our President and all that is happening in that arena, it is intense. Are you able to turn if off for a night? Leave the newspaper alone for a day.
These times, it seems, will forever make a mark in history. And it is challenging many of us down to our very core. It is for me in many ways. I feel ignited and inspired. These emotions are not about the news running my emotions. I do not listen to it often or read the Sunday paper as much. The changes that are occurring within me are grand and complex. These times are complex. There is more happening to you and I than the news.
Is all this happening for a reason? I have always believed that there is some reason, some intelligence behind things that occur in my life, in a community (local or world), and our planet. I am not often able to explain it at the time, but, I have my belief, my faith in that there are more ways to understand what is happening for a reason. Reason is not a basic religious term. However, it is more of a spiritual term. A mental term. A fit for all sizes term.
What do you think? There are prisms of understanding. We look at one angle and then 100’s of more views are offered. It is not always what we think. What do you sense or feel?
I am not going to go too deeply here, but, would like to ask you, are we all as a collective community beginning to speed up out of reaction or fear?
I have begun to drive more consciously than ever by driving slower, and, extraordinarily enough it is usually the speed limit posted! Believe me, I am not necessarily a posted speed limit driver. This brings a chuckle to me as I look around my more peaceful drive. I may even get to where I am going early. I usually do.
But what it has allowed me to see are the trees in my area; the animals in crossing a road or not having made it because someone was rushing; slower thoughts and many creative ideas and desires; other drivers and an overall calmness at the end of a more enjoyable drive.
I drive a lot of highways and travel long distances several times a year for varied reasons. It is my choice to not always run with the pack. I like taking it just a little slower, most times.
Try it for a day if it feels right. It takes time but, what a nicer ride it can be most times. I am not just speaking about driving here either. Try slowing down. Do your best to be your best and enjoy the day. Rest.
Take care of yourself and those you care about and for. But first, take care of you.
Oh heck, take your bubble bath as often as you can as the cooler weather comes. Light that candle and put on some soothing music. Just take some time to be soft. You may really find it benefits you in these days.

Much Love,

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