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Remember, Remember Not

Remember the time I really saw the clouds. They magically traveled across the sky with a breath from the Gods.
Remember not the dark times too much. They were scary stuff but, brought strength of courage and gave me the sense of fear to recognize.
Remember the love I have tasted so many times, so many ways. I will taste again and do, in so many more ways now!
Remember not the agony of losing someone close. The pain and to arrive at different closeness.
Remember the lapping waves of a seashore walk? The deepest blue sky as a storm approached?
Remember not the loss of a beloved pet, or the knowing that so many are not loved.
Remember joyful hips in sensuous movements.
Remember not when they were roughly grabbed and almost broken by might and someone physically stronger than I.
Remember the gift of discernment. I learned more about my power.
Remember not the need to be held and spoken to in quiet tones and meeting cool disdain?
Remember the support and love of a circle of women and knowing there are so many more of these circles than some people can imagine.

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