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Quarterly Holiday 2018

From my chair to yours.

“It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace.”
– Agnes M. Pharo

It’s here again! It slides in and before we know it, trees and candles, lights and sparkling stuff is all around. It seems to happen when I am not looking or seeing the human elves and fairies that take the time to make this time of year extra-ordinary. Beautiful and bountiful. Even as part of the “job,” it must be one of the best parts!
Personally I love this time of year. As October flows in, I can sense the cooler air. I enjoy walking in the air as it becomes brisker, breathing it in, rosy cheeks and a cold nose to boot, refreshes my spirit.
My heart lifts and my inner child begins to come forth more often.
Yes, I love Springtime also but it doesn’t hold the zeal and unique delight as this time of year. It is not supposed to. Springtime has her own gifts.
I am not putting up a tree this holiday. I am creating little areas of magical figures and ornaments. Easier and seems right for my home this year.
When the snow arrives, I love watching the little children play in the snow. I love that this planet has such interesting gifts of nature to give us.
It is so difficult to imagine or know what to do when she gets out of control. Monstrously out of control.
Personally, I have my own prayer, practices and places I give to. It doesn’t seem enough.
There is a lot happening now. Everywhere. It will always happen is varying extremes. I can’t explain it but, I have an inner place I go to talk about it with my Self.
So, I balance it all out with the joy that also is around. I let the spirit of the season envelop me.
Small joys become a wonderful day. They add up to a week or season of love and hope.
I send you this love with all my heart and all that may be going on.

Happy holidays in all their colors and traditions!

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