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March Quarterly 2019

From my chair to yours.

“Lent is a season of spiritual growth, a time for progressive unfoldment…”
– Charles Fillmore

I read an email today that deeply touched me with this woman’s honesty and wisdom about her life.

It occurred to me that we are all going through changes. Humanity always has. That is how we grow individually or as a planet in realizing awareness and consciousness comes into play with parts of our life.
We are entering the season of Lent. Loose and let go, receive.
The winds of change seem particularly prominent at this point in time and I too am expanding in different ways. Being blown about by the winds of transformation. Sometimes wildly and sometimes in the quiet eye of the storm.
Many woman I speak with as friends, clients, participants in a workshop or what I have read from sharing other creative narratives, are also experiencing major shifts.

Our life story’s, our life energy has a way of offering new ideas, deeper inspiration and joy on different levels. If we are open to it, it can feel like uplifting, if not, it may feel like we are grieving.
I find I need to “de-clutter” my thoughts and excess, or the new has no room to plant its seed.
I “land” somewhere in my goals/ dreams, and most often within a short time, my creative self is reaching again to something different or stretching me more into where I am, who I am still becoming. I do my best to make room for the newness entering.
This is not always clear but, I sense it strongly. For me this is where my system of belief and trust comes into play. It also creates a feeling of drifting, and frustration for me, also a feeling of grief/ excitement. Similar to letting go of something and not yet knowing what is coming in yet.

How is it going for you?

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