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An Idea

I am an idea.
I inspire and ignite people to create.
My next project involves building a relationship with a particular pen.
This will succeed because the pen wishes me to flow freely from its proud fountain of ink.
We will work together to create pages upon pages of a story.
At times my new friend can be very argumentative,
not wanting to flow easily with what I share.
I’m hoping the pen is able to move past any blocks that may arise.
I get frustrated when I give myself to somebody and they ignore me.
I deal with this by leaving to find someone else that will be stirred by me to create.
I come in in many forms.
I delight when I see a soul excited with what I bring.
I have inspired great gardens and timeless architecture.
Imaginative books, poems and quotes.
Recipes for meals that became famous and those that remain in families for generations.
I have initiated walks along simple trails that changed lives.
I always have been and will be forever.
When I visit you, please take a moment to notice me.
Sometimes I am so huge, you may find it hard to breathe.
Let’s spend some time together,
and figure out what you want to do with me.

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