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September Quarterly 2019

From my chair to yours.

“The voyage in discovery lies not in finding a new landscape but in having new eyes”
– Marcel Proust

Unknown territory

Its always nice to know what is going to happen when we decide to make a change or try something new.
Sometimes it is a sure thing.
Most of the time though, it isn’t.
How do we find the nerve or confidence to take a new step into the unknown?
Our inner guidance system, some signal from your body may be screaming, “just do it!”
Yet our minds often develop a kind of catatonic stance signaling just the opposite.
How do we handle this and what’s at stake?
When do we take a small step and finally begin to trust our inner wisdom?
Start letting go and less attached outcome?
Where did this fear of the unknown come from?
It could be the best move we could take.
It could become a glorious adventure filled with new changes!
Being in the in-between space of uncertainty can be rich ground to cultivate your visions.
Plant your seeds. Water them, tend to them. They will grow and become stronger.
Decide to open the door, or not.
Decide what you can do, for now.
It is all part of our journey of life.
We all are in this journey together.
Share the idea with someone that will support you, not tear you down.
Someone that will listen and become your advocate.
Surround yourself with this support in every area of your life!
Take a chance, or not.
It’s OK.

With love,

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