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And it Came to Pass

And it came to pass that throughout the land
an idea was born.
It grew slowly among people and creatures alike.
There were many that were against the idea.
Who could not wrap their minds around it.
Their hearts had become tiny and dry.
Some, in the land, grew beyond this narrow way of life.
They joined the growing numbers of people that
were encouraged by the idea.
Some were silent and preferred to use other means to receive and share the idea.
There came about an unrest in the land.
This unrest grew in numbers.
In the end, or the beginning, the idea that had begun so long ago, prevailed.
The losses were significant in many ways.
The gains were more.
The idea was Peace.

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  1. This poem moves me so much every time I read it, which is often. Thank you so much for putting into words what often runs through my mind.

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