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January Quarterly 2020

From my chair to yours.

“You really can change your life and live your dreams on day one.”
– Bob Reina

As we enter this new year, how are you feeling about it?
I will share with you that I sense it as a new beginning.
These are the thoughts that come to me:
No matter how much time I have left in this life, I want to live every day with a purpose, an intention and pay attention to what is not serving my joy, heart’s yearning or feelings of my worth.
Quality is more important to me than having more, doing more, over-reaching and spreading my energies too thin.
This makes me feel scattered, weakened…and cranky.
To honor my past with all its light and shadow.
If I am learning from it, I keep what is good and learn to release what I don’t need…anymore or things that continue to hang on. It hurts me and I am done with that. I hope you are too (or getting there).
To be in the present. I want to pay attention to all the natural beauty around me and do what I can to keep it that way and better.
To look forward to my future with ease and inspiration.
Up the positive things that are working and delete the ones that aren’t.
Plan, take little steps and change course if I want to.
To be kinder and remember to take more focused breaths.
To have more fun. To realize what I enjoy and find happiness doing.
Every day let people know they matter to me.
To be easier going on the roads. All roads of life.
To remember that saving my change (my coin), really adds up.
To like myself and remember I am an always evolving. Art in progress!
To notice the progress and celebrate it!

Happy new year to everyone!

With love,

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