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February Quarterly 2020

From my chair to yours.

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”
– J. Pierpont Morgan

Depending on how you feel about the season that is approaching,
Lent means a change or simply a time of renewal.
It is a time of ritual for some, and for others, a time of inner contemplation.
This period is observed in many ways.
It last for more than a month.
Whatever way you choose to acknowledge this time and participate,
she is approaching.
For me, this is the time before tulips, forsythia and life emerges from a winter sleep in the Northern hemisphere.
Life arrives with joyous energies. Oh, and yes, bunnies are seen everywhere!
This can be a time for giving and to celebrate the approaching Spring in your way!
But before this time arrives, there enters a season that brings about some conscious life decisions for me.
My intention may not necessarily be to give up something but, to receive some new insights, perspectives on what I am keeping. It may still be a riddle.
Perhaps there is a part of me is asking for acceptance.
Something that exists in my life already that is still challenging.
Personally, I like to review how I am living my life.
I look at what I am enjoying, what I am not enjoying.
What newness would I like to weave into the tapestry of my life?
What would create more happiness? More ease?
I spend more focused time on what I consider “lightening my load?”
What would shift my load?
I like to “stir my pot.”
To see what I need to add or decrease to love my life more.
Spice it up, or, turn down the heat.
To give more to my communities and shift my view to a broader view.
Oftentimes life feels beyond my control and narrows my views.
I feel like my heart wisdom is shrinking, becoming stiff.
I don’t like being in that place so, I reflect and renew.
This focused usually time brings about a powerful, dynamic change.
I believe this planet, of which we are all a part of, calls for a larger, broader wisdom of the heart.
I question what I can do to and, I “stir my pot.”

Have a wonderful Spring!

Create your life. Be the change. Be there to welcome yourself at every turn on the road!

Much love,

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