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Sitting in my Quiet, Again

Sitting in my quiet, again.
Another day to take part in.
I will not bow down to this isolation.
I will respect it and allow it into my thoughts, my time, my life.
Make it my friend.
How long am I not hug someone?
When will I know the laughter of a group in my home?
How long to go ?
Sip a wine in community?
Share a coffee, tea or discuss what has happened and past in person with someone?
All this is unknown.
This is a time for inventiveness.
A time for patience and prayer.
How much of a gift will we hold when life begins again, when this ends.
I will never take life, music or anyone I pass on the street for granted.
I will search the eyes of others with more kindness now and when this ends.
And it will.
I will continue my walks with an added gravity to my step, listening more closely to the birds that serenade me.
Thanking some Greatness that I may be here to hear them.

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