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A walk in the park

I will remember the sun on my face yesterday.
I will remember the clouds travelling across the sky.
Growing in intensity, angry.
I will remember how the clouds blocked the sun from warming my face.
Every day things are changing quickly. Light and shadow dancing together.

I will remember walking my path around the park, listening to Pavarotti through earbuds.
Growing in anticipation of the rain coming.
My feet moving forward touching the ground.
I will remember the feeling of the ground being sacred.
As walking a labyrinth.
A walking meditation.

Still walking, waiting for what thought the next step might bring.
Then, the clouds opened up to allow the sun to shine down .
The rain didn’t come.
The sun radiated her soft warmth again.
I watched the clouds gently float by.
I will remember the tears I felt moving down my face that day.
So thankful I was here. A part of this.
I let the tears just bubble up from places within.
Aware of how lucky I was to listen to the magic of music still playing in my ears.
I will remember this.

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