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May Quarterly 2020

From my chair to yours.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”
– Rumi

How are you?
I am sitting in my morning area.
It is an old, comfortable chair.
I’m having a long moment of realizing how grateful I am.
Grateful to have the warmth of the sun on my face while I can take the precious time for my morning rituals.
So grateful to have all this and a full fridge and freezer stocked with home cooked meals.
I often read and listen to a few podcasts of people I trust.
They show me a bigger view of much of the world.
A world of human beings that don’t have enough food to eat and starvation is an ongoing evil.
Not enough clothing to stay warm. No beds to curl up in after a long day as I do.
Now, the pandemic has come to join the continuing, crushing problems.
I wish I could hear, in a short time, that conditions were getting better on my planet.
That slowly yet consistently, people were ending the fighting, the divisiveness.
Fighting for religious reasons. For political winners.
The fanatics were dying out. The starvation was ending because the fields everywhere were producing grains. That cattle were fat. Water was plentiful and easily found beneath the dead parched land.
That the harsh elements were no longer harsh.
Our wondrous trees and magical, life-giving plants were strong and blessed by most.
Just to hear some rejoicing somewhere, would be a balm to everyone that was listening.
I believe that there are blessings going on behind the scenes.
I believe it with my whole mind and heart.
I believe there is a major planetary reset going on.
I am part of it too, as I trust you are.
I am going through a reset. Do you sense this too?
My mind is acutely aware of it. My heart leads the way, trusting and fearless.
I am doing my best in my ways of giving where and what I can.
I practice staying detached from all the busyness that I could lose myself in.
Choices. Unbelievable in scope and content.
I am grateful I have choices to make and I hope I always will be able to with ease.
There is a still point within.
It is always there and is a private place that has many interpretations, many names….
It is always there regardless of what is going on. Always welcoming.
It never leaves and will always be there.
It is always there.
I am grateful when I remember this.
Much love,

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