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Do you hear the music also?

Oftentimes when I walk, I chuckle, but lately, the tears are rolling down my cheeks.
Anger, frustration and agitation accompany me these days.
Shame is also a companion at times.
I am part of this time. These times.
What will be written in the history books about these times?
This time of so much promise.
Will we pull through and become the better for it?
Of course, we will.
It is the sooner than later I pray for.
The cooperation and reconciliation rather than waiting for the tinder to quickly ignite, again.
But, I keep the faith, strong.
My walks are deeper expeditions into Nature, Gaia, Source.
The living Spirit of it All.
No name and yet, so many.
My walks bring me life.
They enliven my weary spirit. Inspire my courageous soul.
As I enter my secret place of communion, I feel such potential being held.
Perhaps an Awakening, soon?
I would like to see it come together in my lifetime.
Be a part of it.
The music of life continues.
It beckons me to go inward and reach outward.
To dance with my You.
In and out of step.
I’m ok with that.
Will we dance together?
Do you hear the music also?

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