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Reflections, January 2021

From my chair to yours.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”
– Rumi

Ode to the Human Spirit

Another day passes in a growing series of news stories and updates.
Reports develop about the past few day’s events.
I watch, I read and find my prayers focused on my tribe, my people,
My country.
This country of mine which I am born and blended.
My time here on earth is a stunning journey within journeys.
The days entwine with life events, different joys, achievements and horrors meet us with our morning coffee.

As in families, not everybody is my hero.
Most I am proud of and treasure without end.
Few I realize will go on to do evil.
It is in their DNA.
A disorder, a sickness that is maintained, celebrated, and nurtured often ending with tragic results.
Joining with others who are disruptive, abusive and, destructive.
Like attracting like.

A different virus among the pandemic.
This is a disorder of the Spirit.

Feeling pain and betrayal many thought the lies were honest.
Without outcomes of ruin and hate.
How are they now?
I cannot imagine.
Many, my friends and family.

They are created of good stuff.
The disillusionment they are experiencing must be huge.

I wish a swift healing for them, and every one of us in this tribe of dysfunction.
I hope they return sooner than later.
Swiftly as they are needed.

My heart broke apart that day watching the dishonor and violence.
The unparalleled destruction of something revered in our land being defaced in every way we are still learning about.

My heart is discovering a renewed sense of strength, courage.

We have a long way to go.
Will there be a great healing?

Yes, I believe so.
Our nation has considerable work to restore the brokeness.
In between, may we discover deep pockets of reconciliation and peace.

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