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A New Book Coming Out! and A New Website!

I had been in a cocoon of solitude for over two years.
When the Coronavirus arrived, the forced isolation felt familiar already.
To give room for what was happening, I started slowing down my professional life.
My hypnotherapy and my blended practices.
This also included my SoulCollage® and Creativity groups.
I was attached to my practices.
I was attached to my groups, the people I played with, discovered with,
and cried with.
Trusting that tiny steps are the best way to live my life, I surrendered.
A slow, thoughtful, step-by-step process began.
It was clear I desired to rediscover me.
My whole being needed space to grow. I had to let go of things.
I found I needed a lot of rest. A lot of quiet.
My walks became longer. My journaling was more absorbing.
I doodled more. I ordered more colors, different pencils!
I played with sketching.
I made friends with my Muses.
I found I really like photography, again!

I have created a new website for this newer journey I am on.
Please visit and share any thoughts!
I am having fun still seeking what is hiding.

I have also written a book which has many of my photographs as well.
The title is:
Musings, Woolgathering, & Ghosts.

It will be coming out in about 2 weeks.
I will send out an email to you when it launches.

For the most part, this book has come together aroused by thoughts and feelings from my everyday life.
Some are deeper, more insightful. Others are lighter and more playful. Some are haunting with vivid memories that follow me through my life.
I hope that everyone who is drawn to this book will resonate in some way with the stories and my photographs on the pages.
I feel the photographs tell a story in themselves.

An Excerpt from Musings, Woolgathering, and Ghosts:
“Life is many things and all the in-between.
How big and wide will you live your life?
Or will the fear of this day cause your experience to be narrowed, smaller?”

Thank you and I hope all is well.

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