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Editorial Review of Musings, Woolgathering, & Ghosts

I have just received my first editorial review for my newest book; Musings, Woolgathering, & Ghosts! The review is from the On-Line Book Club. They have been around for over 10 years.

Review of Musings, Woolgathering,& Ghosts
By Raluca_Mihaila, August 28, 2021

Musings, Woolgathering, & Ghosts is a short poetry book that will make you appreciate nature and meditate on various aspects of life. The author used a free verse, without rhymes, but quite melodic.

As you might have guessed, the book is divided into three chapters: Musings, Woolgathering, and Ghosts. While the first poems reflect on various realities, including the new ones created by the pandemic, the second chapter presents some random thoughts. The last section introduces different “ghosts” of the past. I don’t know if that was only my interpretation, but I felt that the author described the present, the future, and the past.

I really enjoyed Offerings, a poem that made a parallel between choosing a dish from a menu and picking the right things in life. On the other hand, Alchemy advised the reader to have patience. Sometimes, we complain that our life is hard and things did not happen as we would have liked. However, we discover that it was better that way. The poetry made me feel calm and prone to meditation.

You might think poetry is only for dreamers and idealists, but the book was deeply anchored in reality. The pandemic hit CK Sobey hard and forced her to clean her mind, connect to nature, and focus on her artistic projects. That is why you will find many familiar and current themes in her verses. Furthermore, the book included many educational aspects that interested me. The writer encouraged people to dream big, enjoy life, and be optimistic despite the hardships they may encounter. Ghosts inspired readers to respect and love any soul, including birds and animals. I also learned new things. Did you know that snails can sleep up to 3 years?

Besides the charming content, the book displayed an excellent presentation. The poems were complemented by expressive photos (taken by the author) that revealed more pieces of the writer’s world. The illustrations celebrated the beauty of nature with charming trees or flowers, but also included several urban landscapes. I could not find any errors, so I appreciated the excellent editing.

I gladly give Musings, Woolgathering, & Ghosts by CK Sobey a rating of four out of four stars. I had no reason to lower the rating since there was nothing I disliked about the book. It is an excellent retreat for any reader that enjoys themes like nature, love, Christianity, and spirituality. Classical music enthusiasts will be thrilled to discover a poem inspired by Pavarotti. People that suffered from loneliness due to isolation might also resonate with the author’s reflections. I leave you with the ending of the Ancestral Dreaming poem: “We are not alone. Never alone.”

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