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Holiday Quarterly 2021

From my chair to yours.

“There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”
– Howard Thurman

It has been a long time since I have put my pen to paper and written to you from my chair, at least in one of my Quarterly’s.
For anyone new that is reading this, I welcome you. The Quarterly is the name of my blog, and I have enjoyed years of sharing my views, thoughts, stories
and musings on a variety of subjects with many people around the globe.
It has been a busy time of expanding my path as an author. I am thrilled to have published a book a few months ago. The title is Musings, Woolgathering, & Ghosts by CK Sobey .It can be found anywhere books are sold.
This is a book of contemplation, a type of meditative reading with many of my photographs. This is the type of book that is perfect early in the morning, while at lunch or at the end of a day. Many people keep it beside their chair where they can sit and for a while watch the world go by and relax.
My creative muses have much to say lately about another book I am currently writing and editing. I am doing my best to follow their lead. With all that is going on in the United States (not exactly united right now), and the world, there is much else being offered to us besides the frustration and the dissonance.
I will be sharing portions of the poetic prose from my current book from time to time in my Quarterly. When you see my Quarterly is in your in-box, take a moment to read, and hopefully you will enjoy!
I would very much enjoy hearing anything you may like to share with me!

Click the play button below to listen to this Quarterly.

Beginning again.
I am at a threshold again.
Which way to go?
Which path to take?
The more challenging one, of course.
Beginning again.
Stories woven with richness and texture.
Incredible odysseys.
Will you journey with me this time into the next chapter of life?
Let’s begin to unravel the old.
Sail on the winds of future possibilities together.
What will we decide to keep?
What will be swept away?
I will ask for light-heartedness.
Where to begin?
Anywhere we want.
We may feel lost at times.
We’re not.
Take my hand.
Let’s begin.

Happy Holiday. Anyway you celebrate them!

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