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December 2021/January 2022 Quarterly

From my chair to yours.

“By replacing fear of the unknown with curiosity, we open ourselves to an infinite stream of possibilities.”
– Carl Jung

And a new year approaches (or has arrived)!
There is so much happening all around, it’s not easy, or at times seems impossible to find any peace, joy or a steady time in my life. Challenging times? It can be a mixed bag for many of us right now. I continue to learn from it in ways that will show up in a plethora of hints and subtlety every day. I do my best to stay curious at what shows up.
I am still in a type of isolation and yearn for travel, friends in person more often and yet I still have my dark cave.
The darkness proceeds rebirth. I like looking at it like that. I always feel revived, and re-newed after some time in my cave of darkness. Re-inspired.
Jan Richardson said that “different darks have different messages.”
When I look up at the moon in all her phases, it is a thing of beauty. All I need is to remember to look up! See the stars.
Amazing universe we have. My soul celebrates these times.
I find joy in moments. In just watching something that catches my attention and I often find myself smiling.
Slowing down for a minute (or more when I am intent on it),
Birds outside my window enjoying their daily conversations (and disputes), a few squirrels running around chasing each other. A child’s amazement at doing something we take for granted as adults.
Exploring a new flavor from a recipe, visiting with a friend on the phone or zoom. Just simple moments for my memory to file away even if it is at the grocery store or on my walks.
Real-life stories of just experiencing life.
If I don’t take the time, I wouldn’t see the natural world around me. There is so much to explore and enjoy.
I wish you moments of joy and peace. I hope those moments grow!!
That it takes root inside you.
That you want more of them and find them everywhere this year!

I wish the very best for you!

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And It Came to Pass
And it came to pass throughout the land, an idea was born.
The idea grew among people and creatures alike. Many were against the idea and could not wrap their minds around it.
Their hearts had become tiny and dry.
Some grew beyond this narrow way of life.
They joined the growing number of people encouraged by the idea.
Some became silent and preferred to use other means to receive and share the idea.
Unrest grew throughout the land.
This unrest grew in numbers.
In the end, or the beginning, the idea begun so long ago prevailed. The losses were significant in many ways.
The gains were more.
The idea was peace.

From Musings, Woolgathering, & Ghosts by CK Sobey (Page 25)

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  1. Enjoyed reading your post today. May the spark of fire light the ideas and moments in our minds as we pass through times of loneliness.

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