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March /April 2022 Quarterly

From my chair to yours.

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.”
– Martin Luther King

Always interesting weather. Climate change and the fluctuating degrees of warmth to cold and then back again. Rain to snow to sun. Every day is like a search in itself with so much else happening to get into…or not. When I just stop the crazy, take a breath and let it all go is the best way for me to see the small details I miss as I “run” around , a little crazy, anxious at nothing specific but yet, everything.

When I stop, look around at where I am at the moment, I can feel quite at ease. There is much to witness in my daily days. I am learning to long for the daily “search.”

I hope there are some trees, birds, or body’s of water and life around you.

Town life can be significantly better when we know we are still on sacred ground.

Catch a sunrise one day or a moon rise… will take your breath away and give it back three-fold!

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In Search of the Grail
What if the grail really existed?
That it held the answers to our questions about God, Spirit, the Universe?
All the answers for all the questions asked through the ages?
Answers uncomplicated in their fundamental nature.
So significant in its simplicity.
Why had Percival searched for this treasure for so many years of his life?
His noble promise to his King and all he held sacred.
It is my belief that we all search for this treasured vessel of truth at different
junctures in our life.
That we can be guided in ways mysterious that offer us a chance to awaken?
That the treasure may be a breath away.
Instead, we learn to obey.
To listen to what we are told.
If we learn well, our lives become routine in mind and deed.
Different rewards to bind us to do even better.
Every day marching to the same drummer.
Our craving to search for the value of life is a distant memory.
But now and then, something shines through.
Cracks begin to open and lets some light in.
We become curious and look deeper.
Is a place within us that holds the treasure we all seek?
I believe this.
It is a place where our grail waits to be found.

From Musings, Woolgathering, & Ghosts by CK Sobey (Page 28)

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