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May/June 2022 Quarterly

From my chair to yours.

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”
– Carl Sagan

In my part of the world spring is here, technically. The weather changes rapidly. Thunderstorms, hot summer days and almost freezing at night. Both joy and frustration. They often change by day from what the daily weather forecast predicts.
Wherever you are reading this, it is probably the same for you. Possibly much more intense. I am sending good thoughts your way.
The world continues to expand on the winds of climate change, geopolitical tension, war, and brutal engagements beyond human imagining for me. Difficult to have a discussion with someone that disagrees anymore. Personally, there seems a familiarity about all of this. I read it in the history books. It is here again in full force. So many similarities.
Let’s see how we do this time.
There is so much out of my control. I do my best to live more from my heart, not so much in my head.
I have great faith that it will all work itself out at some point in time. I hope and pray it is sooner than later.
There are so many wonderful nuances and signs that surround me every day. The bird songs are still creating music in my area. The buds are blooming, and I smell good food cooking in home kitchens and restaurants.. It’s these things that make my days feel more positive and richer with life around me.
Newer perspectives seem to be all around me as well. New ideas, or rather, newer takes on an old idea.
I take my ideas for granted at times. I forget about it, and then search for that little idea I had a week or so ago.I can’t quite capture it. It has left me.
I am learning to honor magical suggestions.
Those ideas that seem more like a gift to me as life moves on.

An Idea
I am an idea. I inspire and I ignite people to create. My next project involves building a relationship with a particular pen. This will succeed because the pen wishes me to flow freely from its proud fountain of ink. We will work together to create pages upon pages of a story.
At times, my new friend can be very argumentative not wanting to flow easily with what I share.
I’m hoping the pen is able to move past any blocks that may arise.
I become frustrated when I impart my ideas and they are ignored, or it takes too long to notice me. I will leave to find someone else who will be stirred by me.
I come in many forms. I delight when I see a soul excited with what I bring.
I have inspired great gardens and timeless architecture. Imaginative books, poems, and quotes.
Recipes for meals that become famous and many that remain in families for generations.
I have initiated walks along simple trails that changed lives.
I have I always have been and will be forever.
When I visit you, please take a moment to notice me. Sometimes I’m so huge, you may find it hard to breathe.
Spend some time with me.
Let’s figure out what you want to do with.
From Musings, Woolgathering, & Ghosts by CK Sobey (Page 50)

Sending love…

*Fingers crossed that my newest book:
A Collection of Tiny Stories, Diminutive Tales from the Tip of My Imagination by CK Sobey, will be out before the end of Spring!

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