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September 2022 Quarterly

From my chair to yours.

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”
– Maya Angelou

I used to be a busy person. I still have days of busy-ness and doing errands, but my direction has changed. The intentions for my days are different.
I am not impressed with the new shows that are on my “entertainment screen.”
I need to be distracted a few hours in the evenings. Some older series/movies I re-watch thinking how exceptional they were.
I started watching the series West Wing the other evening. I am enjoying the show again, and all that went into it. The timing between the actors. The cutting, sharp intelligent writing.
Mainly, amazed the issues are so current. Not much has changed. Will it ever?

I am an active woman. Plentiful in my creative endeavors. It feels good to be purposeful. Movement is very important to my body and mind. It fuels my spirit.
The fabric of some days are laced with the frustration of current events.
Most of this stuff I find I ignore, and have become numb to. I cannot control my country, the world. I can control what I read, watch, listen to. I have my opinions and favorite commentators, writers. People I find that are rational and that is the way I lean.
My internal alert button is set for issues I believe are important to follow.

I cherish my breaks and set aside periods of rest.
A time of sabbath.
My life is full of projects and the Zooms I choose to attend.
Writing my next book is beginning to take shape, planning a tasty meal to cook, and walking are most often my days.

A topic came up in the last West Wing that made me stop and think.
“What happened to the American dream?”
“What happened to believing you could succeed?”
I remember hearing this as a child. Did the American dream of succeeding mean becoming rich?
Is that what the American dream still is for our younger generation?
Is that what’s important?
Spending time wondering about my dream showed me there were inner doors of mine that needed to be pried open.
Does success mean becoming rich?
Is true success about money, belief, or an abundance in compassion?
Success and wealth is different to everyone.
Is there a balance for me?
How’s it going for you?

Sending love…

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