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Meet the Author – A Conversation with CK Sobey on Reader Views

Kas was recently featured in an interview on Reader Views Book Reviews. Below is an excerpt from the interview:

Hi CK, welcome to Reader Views! What is A Collection of Tiny Stories about?
It is a variety of short tales. The book is divided into three sections:

Inspiring Odysseys, which is a combination of tales that were written from something I read or experienced in my life, which in time blossomed and a story was created.

The second section is From the Heart. Touching scenarios, as the title of the section suggests, heart-felt, moving tales.

The last part is Fanciful. Humor and suffering from the rim of my imagination. Another kind of perspective. For instance, a story about a woman who works in the ICU and has superpowers (Superpowers). A story about a woman who finds a teddy bear in a forest while walking (The Wild Woman and the Teddy Bear). Night Shift about men who work the docks.

What inspired you to sit down and write this book?
My mom used to spin delightful stories, all original to me when I was very young. She was a dancer, and above the bed hung bunches of her fluffy petticoats in different colors. It was like my personal cloud. I suppose I am a storyteller at heart because of her.

Read the full interview on Reader Views.

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