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December 2022 Quarterly

From my chair to yours.

“Every year, you make a resolution to change yourself. This year, make a resolution to be yourself.”

Sounds like a simple thing to do. Who am I and what would I like to bring into my life? What small step (s) can I take to open myself to more joy? We all have personal aims that are unique to each of us. I say, “keep it simple.” Plant that seed and just let it take hold. It will sprout and bloom. The trick is not to over-think it. I am still practicing this!

This past year, for me, has seen some deep sadness and also brought extraordinary gifts of delight. It adds to the richness that gives my life fullness.

I am looking forward to going to Ireland in March! It also falls on the week of my birthday. How fortuitous is that? I have traveled quite a lot in my life, but I have not been on an airplane since COVID!

First let me wish everyone that is reading this a happy new year. A year of new ways to see, feel and share. Keep the good, toss out the old, tired ways and “stuff,” that does not support you, your joy and open your arms to that that does support you! Maybe it did once. Thank it and release it if it no longer does.

On another note, I am grateful to everyone that has ordered a book bundle!

In a time when the creative person has to be even more inventive with promoting, selling, sharing, and going beyond what used to be simpler, receiving texts and emails asking for individual signature touches has been a pleasure for me. Every bundle I have wrapped and walked into the post office has a smile included.

The book bundle special pricing is on through January.

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