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April 2023 Quarterly

From my chair to yours.

“My imagination is a monastery, and I am its monk.”

I am now back from my Ireland adventure for two weeks! I caught the chest-cold “thing” that so many of my traveling companions had in Ireland. It didn’t slow anyone down, and Ireland was a fantastic experience!

I feel fortunate I didn’t catch it until I was returning home on my flight. A surprise after so many gifts throughout my journey!

Northern Ireland was something I missed and I’m sorry about that. I haven’t been traveling for a few years and that would have added another week+ to my already two-week trip. A return trip to see Northern Ireland, and all it too offers is in my future plans!

            For a long while, I have been in an inner place of quiet. Similar to letting bread rise. Ireland was just right to begin the bread baking and capture some ideas I have for an expanded newness to my writing & style. As you know, I enjoy writing and have further enjoyed (and pulled out my hair!), publishing three books. As I create, sometimes there is a nudging I cannot always put my finger on. I believe nudges can be a hint that more is waiting to arrive. Creative projects, recipes, or some gardening plans become too settled. It can become too regular, almost feeling lackluster. The creative spark is always there but needs time for re-birth and expanded inventiveness for me.

So, there is some unfoldment coming nearer, and the game will be afoot again!

Sadness is a part of life and seems to visit when I least expect it. I thought often of a friend that had passed a week before I left. I spent time with my memory of her, and there was a lovely peaceful comfort in that.

How are you, and what is happening in your life? Please reach out and share with me. I would love it!

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost, that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”

-Henry David Thoreau

 Sending love…

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