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My Monologue, The Beekeepers is being performed!

Coming from a background of theatre and show business, I have always wanted to re-join the energy in some way.

Being IN the spotlight has not been my favorite thing, but, being behind the scenes in some way has always continued to be a wish.

I enjoy writing and all the pen and keyboard brings forth. I love my time reading/listening to different writers to expand my awareness of what is out there, and joining in a variety of gatherings to share.

I have known about Kelly DuMar for awhile.

I hadn’t been able to sign up for her Monologue writing workshop series as it was always full!

Well, I was able to join this last time.

My monologue, The Beekeepers, and other talented writers are having our 5 minute “Spotlight.” FOR FREE!!

Eight monologues are being performed by professional actors!

The event is showcasing: Voices for Healing and Transformation

Grab some popocorn, a good cup-a.., or a drink and sit back to enjoy! Click here to register to attend the Fall Showcase.

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