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Outpourings by CK Sobey

Outpourings is Available on All Major Sites

Greetings! Just want to let you know that my new book:
Outpourings is available on all the major sites.
Click HERE for Amazon. The official release date is still October 25, 2023, but the print books are available for early exclusive access for you!

You can still order the E-book version for a discount till October 10th!
Click HERE for more information about the e-book.

Outpourings is Volume ll of Musings, Woolgathering, & Ghosts.
So, if you enjoyed that book, my hopes are you will also enjoy Outpourings.

An idea for this book/series may be of interest and inspirational for many types of gatherings. Book clubs, a single day, or, on-going monthly meetings for ideas about writing or a variety of creative prompts.

If you’d still like to read a copy of my book,
Tiny Stories for FREE,
I have a limited number of review copies left and still available on BookSprout till November 6th!.
You will need a BookSprout account in order to download your free eBook. It’s very simple to do and won’t cost you a penny.
Just click HERE to claim your copy:

Sending love…

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