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November-December 2023 Quarterly

From my chair to yours.

“Every year, you make a resolution to change yourself. This year, make a resolution to be yourself.”
– Unknown

Sounds like a simple thing to do. Who am I and what would I like to bring into my life? What small steps can I take to open myself to more joy? We all have personal aims that are unique to each of us. I say, “keep it simple.” Plant that seed and just let it take hold. It will sprout and bloom. The trick is not to over-think it. I am still practicing this!

This past year, for me, has seen some deep sadness and also brought extraordinary gifts of delight. It adds to the richness that gives my life fullness.

I traveled to Ireland in March, and it also fell on the week of my birthday. How wonderful was that? I have traveled a lot in my life, and our world never ceases to amaze, and inspire me…even with all the frustrations of getting to where we are going.

First let me wish everyone that is reading this, as we roll into the peaceful holiday seasons, to enjoy.
Finding the right words to express what I am feeling, do not seem to be forth coming, but, be safe, be well, take your time.
Keep the good, toss out the old, tired ways and “stuff,” that doesn’t support you, your joy and open your arms to that that does support you! Maybe it did once. Thank it and let it go.
A new year is rounding the corner and new energy. Another chance to see with new eyes, be a little bit kinder.

On another note, I am grateful to everyone that has ordered any of my books, and especially for taking the time to write an honest review. Believe me, I cherish them as do others that read these reviews.

In a time when the creative person has to be even more inventive with promoting, selling, sharing, and going beyond what used to be simple. I continue to learn and find what new bells and whistles work.
As I grow bit older, I am amazed at all I receive from “the Universe!” I will do my best to keep my posts to you at a smooth, moderate pace so your universe is less crowded.

Happy holidays to you!

Sending love…

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